Pure Jungle Acai - Organic acai berry from the Amazon to New Zealand

The pure wholesome goodness of organic acai berries from the Amazon to New Zealand.

We're dedicated to bringing and delivering the pure wholesome goodness of organic açaí from the Amazon to New Zealand.


Our açaí:

  • is a natural powder obtained from organic açaí.
  • has no additives, just 100% açaí.
  • is made from premium quality raw materials directly sourced in the Amazon rainforest and then freeze dried.
  • is not made from concentrated açaí but top quality source of organic açaí berries. This guarantees the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) level available in the market. 


The freeze drying process is a method of drying frozen foods inside a vacuum at extremely low temperatures so the product remains in its original uncooked state. Freeze dried products do not need preservatives to give a long shelf life, as the low moisture content means they are shelf stable due to the freeze drying process alone. The process removes moisture while preserving most all of its desired properties and flavour


 How foods are grown or raised can impact both your health and the environment. Eating 100% organic ensures you’re getting food free of chemical preservatives, antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically engineered products. Also, in Brazil organic food must grow in an environment that considers social, environmental and economic sustainability and enhances the culture of rural communities. Our organic açaí is certified organic by the Ecocert Group.  http://brazil.ecocert.com/

With that in mind, we can absolutely guarantee to you that our açaí is a nutrient-rich food at its best as it was produced by minimal processing and organic agriculture.

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