Pure Jungle Acai - Organic acai berry from the Amazon to New Zealand

The pure wholesome goodness of organic acai berries from the Amazon to New Zealand.

We're dedicated to bringing and delivering the pure wholesome goodness of organic açaí from the Amazon to New Zealand.


It feels good when you put your heart & soul into something and get positive feedback about it. Here is a brief selection of genuine and kind comments from other companies, clients and people who have tried our açaí.


silverio4iconz "The best açai of the world and guess what ?! Im in Brazil and im brazilian and i can not find anything better around here congratulations."

veganadore "Never say NO to an ACAI bowl especially if it's using @purejungleacai acai powder."

body_nourish "@purejungleacai the best acai 💛 cheers!"

veganadore "It's the simple things like this that make my day ✨Tried out @purejungleacai this morning 😱 RECOMMEND 💯% This stuff is packed with antioxidants, healthy fats and dietary fibre all so important for our everyday health!"

georgiesheather "This is my first time actually making an acai bowl instead of buying it and it turned out amazing thanks to @purejungleacai ! I first tried acai in Hawaii and ever since I've been in search of it here in New Zealand because it packed with so much goodness. It's my absolute go to for breakfast."

megsandsoph "Made my first ever ACAI BREAKFAST BOWL this morning and yummo!! Topped it with homemade chocolate granola which happened to be a great combo 😍 Acai dry freeze powder from @purejungleacai - yay a NZ company!! Acai is  sourced from the amazon in Brazil where it is a staple in their daily diet (no wonder they have such amazing bootys haha) 💜 M + S"

thedailyraw "Acai bowl I love acai bowls, in fact it's safe to say I'm pretty addicted! This week I tried @purejungleacai , and it is the best quality one I've had yet. Vibrant purple color with a really fresh smell and a really good flavor 2 tablespoons @purejungleacai 1 cup mixed berries 2 frozen bananas 1 cup @ccoconutwater  Sprinkled with @muma_official  #yuminthetumrepost"

gemzcreations "I don't think I'll ever get sick of acai bowls topped with Hawaiian granola😍using @purejungleacai"

recoveringraw "Pure Jungle Açaí really is the most delicious I have ever tried, so do try and get your hands on a pack."

alexandrajaneorourke "SO yum! My go to😍 It's the @purejungleacai açaí bowl recipe. Just a banana, Açaî, honey and ice 🍌🍯 + all my extras on top 🙊"

_traysea "That time of the year here guys! Just cranked one this morning :) love love love your acai !♡♡ so glad I can get it from @littlebirdorganics wahoo"

peaceloveandgranola_ "SUPERFOOD. Now that I've got your attention.. for all of you acai lovers, this is @purejungleacai's incredible freeze dried acai powder. 100% pure and sourced from the Brazilian amazon. Mix into yoghurt, smoothies and juices and of course create your own pretty acai bowls. 💕🍓👍 Peace, love and granola xxx

theunbakery "We are super happy to be stocking and using organic freeze-dried acai powder from Pure Jungle! Acai berry is considered a superfood as it is a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibres, fatty acids & organic vegetable protein! @purejungleacai 💜 #raw #vegan #organic #freezedried #superfood #acai #purejungleacai"