Pure Jungle Acai - Organic acai berry from the Amazon to New Zealand

The pure wholesome goodness of organic acai berries from the Amazon to New Zealand.

We're dedicated to bringing and delivering the pure wholesome goodness of organic açaí from the Amazon to New Zealand.


✓ 100% Pure: No nasties, fillers or additives. No stabilizers. No added cane juice (aka sugar). No added water. Ingredients: freeze-dried organic açaí puree & organic  lime juice (99.6% açaí | 0.4% of lime juice)

✓ More than 1000 açaí fruits per 100g packs!

✓ Take it anywhere: Camping and no freezer? No problem. Use it anywhere: not only for açaí bowls. Use to create raw treats, smoothies, porridge, add to baby food, create a beautiful açaí latte.

✓ Sourced sustainable from small ethical cooperative farmers in Brazil.

✓ Made from the finest organic açaí berries.

✓ NZ made compostable package. Once finished, Just remove (easy to remove) labels and place pack in your home compost bin.

Quantities {NZ customers only*}

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